Order Questions:

  • Where is my order?

    • All of our products are pre-order and made to order. So once a store closes we produce and fulfill all the items. So orders will be handed to their respective coordinators for distribution 2-3 weeks after the close date. This date is also listed on the store's collection page.

    • Massive Graphics does not handle direct distribution to you the customer*. All distribution is completed by each projects respective coordinator

  • Is shipping to my house available?
    • CCS Jr Class orders are not eligible for shipping. At school pickup only.


Item Questions:

  • Why are item(s) on my order page highlighted yellow?

    • These item(s) are on backorder. We will get these filled as soon as possible.

  • Why are item(s) on my order page highlighted orange?

    • This is an indication that there are multiple of an item or SKU. We use this when fulfilling to help order accuracy.

  • Why are item(s) on my order page crossed out?

    1. The item(s) were part of a separate store or group. Orders are fulfilled by the project so even if all items are the same entity, there projects are fulfilled separately. This is normally accompanied by a note that will say "item fulfilled separately" or similar, as well as having only the quantity crossed out.

    2.  The item(s) was cancelled. If the minimum number of pieces is not met for production of an item, we will cancel that item and issue a refund for it. This is normally accompanied by a note saying "items were cancelled for not making minimums" as well as having both the quantity and the dollar amount crossed out.

    3. The item(s) were requested by you to be cancelled/changed/etc.

    • My item is damaged/defective. Can I get a replacement/refund?

      • Yes, any damaged or defective items (ie: holes, rips, damaged seams, miss-stitches) we will refund or replace.

    • I received the wrong item in my order. Can I get a replacement?

      • Yes, any items that don't match your order (ie: wrong size, garment color, design) we will replace or work with project coordinator about getting the corrected item.

    • I ordered the wrong item/size. Can I get a replacement?

      • We cannot do swaps or exchanges for incorrect item or size orders. All items are pre-order and made to order so there are no extra pieces to exchange out for. Please make sure to double check before you complete your purchase that all items and sizes are correct. Customers are asked to confirm and agree to this upon checking out.